Full Name
Kiki Vo
Speaker Bio
Huyen “Kiki” Vo is a 30 years old Vietnamese immigrant and a proud burn survivor. At the age of 9, she was severely injured in a house fire in Vietnam that resulted in third-degree burns all over her body.

Kiki’s commitment to healing from her burn trauma inspires her to pursue a career in social work. She holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in social work, with an emphasis on community mental health. She is a registered Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of California. Professionally, she is a Medical Social Worker at a children’s hospital and a Social Work Supervisor for a community-based agency in San Francisco.

Her "WHY" in life is to pay it forward. She is the Founder of her business, Thrive With Kiki, LLC. where she serves as a Coach, Consultant, and Speaker with the mission of uplifting, empowering, and inspiring burn survivors to thrive. She is grateful to also serve as a Board Advisor, Mental Wellness for the Close the Gap Foundation, and a Contributing Author/Speaker for the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.

Kiki lives in the vibrant city of Oakland, CA, and in her free time, loves cooking, working out, dancing, and spending time with her loved ones.
Kiki Vo