Full Name
Tonya Meisenbac
Speaker Bio
Tonya Meisenbach, better known as Burned Beauty 2018, is a wife, mother of two adult children, luminary, and humanitarian currently living in Atlanta, GA.

Formerly a Paralegal and Realtor, Tonya has always enjoyed helping and elevating others. After being burned over 35% of her upper body and almost losing the battle, nothing has changed, Tonya turned her pain into purpose, and although Tonya's methodology is different, the end goal remains the same, elevating others.

"My face and upper body all skin grafts, and my determination and spirirt all God." - Tonya

Tonya now uses hair, makeup, tutorials, and social media to help inspire other burn survivors in their recovery. She wants all survivors to understand that their wounds will heal, and that with the right mindset, they can and accomplish anything and overcome any obstacle thrown in their path.
Tonya Meisenbac